Review: THE LYTICS // (self-titled)

November 14, 2009

Fuck ya!  Cinematic and melodic indie hip-hop!

There’s a lightness, a youthfulness, a vigour, a hopefulness to The Lytics self-titled debut EP.  Playful synths bounce around great flow, absolutely infectious melodies wrap around your brain, and all the while I’m wondering… they’re from here?

Big City Soundgirl is getting all the “single” attention, but its Checkin’ On My Pumas that showcases the skills of A-Nice, Munga, Ashy and B-Flat.  Last Bit carries these grooves to the end.

There are Jackson 5 and Paul Simon-esque musical ideas throughout.  These boys aren’t just a bunch of beat-thumping ass smackers.  Worldly experience, humility (stay humble!), and great melodic sensibilities wrap around lyrics both fun and intelligent.

Buy it!


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