Review: PATRICK WATSON // Wooden Arms

November 29, 2009

Wooden Arms

Wooden Arms

Setting a certain mood can be a tricky thing. Sights, Sounds, smells, lighting, and environment, all have a role in setting a certain tone for someone. For Polaris Prize winner Patrick Watson setting a mood for an album seems to come naturally. Wooden Arms, the band’s sophomore release on Secret City Records features beautiful strings (Fireweed), evocative male/female vocal harmonies (Wooden Arms, Big bird in a Small cage) and spoons, glasses & other found objects as percussion instruments (Tracy’s Water).  There’s even a mega phone in Tom Waits-esque Traveling Salesman.  All are essential components in the mood mastery of Patrick Watson.

I could easily describe the album as beautifully textured, dreamy, haunting or spacey (Patrick has even described his music as Spacey folk). In fact the first time I listened to it I found myself lost in the music — before I knew it I was already on the fifth track. And if that is the mood this album is trying to set, then bravo! Many of the tracks flow seamlessly and fluidly between each other.  I challenge you to expand your horizons – this is a great album worth getting lost in.


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