Review: SALINAS // (self-titled)

October 1, 2010

Finding the soft balance between Weezer and Replacements influences, Salinas have crafted a catchy and smart pop album.  They thrust 80’s indie jangle against some big, anthemic rock n roll.  It is held together with songwriting skills belying their young age, allowing this album to rock pretty solidly from top to bottom.

Matt Austman’s lyrics are full of the young romantic’s trials – unrewarding sex, missing connections, and the quest for meaningful relationships.  A tense politik also weaves its way throughout.

No Caulfield Absolutes is the only low mark – an intimate song which should be rewarded with intimate vocals to match.  Instead, the post-hardcore yelps create a barrier to the emotional punch the song could otherwise have.

Younger hints at some of the Red House Painters’ more rocking moments before turning back towards the band’s safe anthemic stylings.

Smartly produced by Royal Canoe’s Matt Peters, this debut album showcases a band reaching towards lofty goals.  They show much promise and with continued efforts such as this plus some good old fashioned hard work, will grow into the kind of band people will rally around, fists in the air.


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