Review/Preview: JON COHEN EXPERIMENTAL // Behold

January 13, 2011

When I mention that all the ex-Dears should start a whole new band, Jon Cohen jokes that a support group is probably more appropriate.  Kinda just confirms our sneaking suspicions that Murray Lightburn is a power-hungry monster devouring any who don’t play his game.  Or, well, maybe we just never liked The Dears very much.

But the Jon Cohen Experimental is trying to make up for that.  He’s got a peppy little album out and is touring the nation right now.

Winnipeg – The Cavern – Friday January 14.

(I know, the Cavern usually sucks, but this is a good reason to go.   We should probably dedicate a whole post to our frustrations with The Cavern.)

Behold is cleverly arranged with gentle retro grooves and strong lyrics, showcasing that the “Experimental” is actually a highly creative band.  This is a one-man project done right.  Echoes of psychedelia swirl through folk-ish melodies and pop hooks.  Highlights include the title track, Brain Pollution and Don’t Be The Cloud.  The standout is probably Nightmare-Over with its horns, Calexico-inspired groove and energetic performances.


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