Review: AIR // Love 2

November 14, 2009


Deadly grooves.  Granular synths.  A hint of prog.  Air returns.

Opening with Do The Joy, we can’t help but wonder if this is going to be the dirtiest Air record yet.  But as if on cue, Love states the case for these 12 cuts – a little adult-contempory, a little epic, refusing to admit that yeah, sometimes its a little cheesy – but that defiance is what makes the French their bad-ass selves.  And its what allows Air to be Air.  Lets see you make Floyd-esque synths sound bad-ass.

Intricately woven jangly guitars surround infectious bass.  Classic repetitive lyrics allow the synth-work to shine.  And Bob Moog is somewhere, surrounded by rainbows, clapping his hands and jumping gleefully while listening to the bridge in Be A Bee.

Love 2 is not without its lulls – this is Air after all.  It can’t be all good.  Tropical Disease is ready for 70’s sitcom re-runs.  And You Can Tell To Everybody may just lounge you to sleep.  But these duds are few and interjected by coy raucousness via Eat My Beat and Night Hunter.

This isn’t Moon Safari or Talkie Walkie.  Its much slicker.  But the synth work and classic vibe make it worth repeated listens – even if its only with a martini in hand.

If you speak French, there’s a great interview and tour through their studio here.